Portland, Maine Senior & Wedding Photographer


Hello there! I'm Devin, a Target loving, LGBTQ supporting, Adele obsessing, photographer. 


I'm not just any other photographer. With my two biggest inspirations being National Geographic and high end fashion portraits, I create a unique portrait experience. Combining these two beautiful styles creates a beautifully rich, soul capturing, scenic photograph that captures you. With a touch of journalistic style in there as well, candid moments won't go unnoticed. Making someone comfortable and being able to capture their true self, is something I strive for with every session.


I specialize in seniors, models, weddings, and eating ice cream. 


If you want to know anything else about me, ask! I would love to catch up at a the local ice cream shop and chat about your session and life over an ice cream cone. 




Insta: @canddphotography